Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Not At All Lin-Sanity

The scene:  Press conference after other-wordly NY Knicks win in Toronto.  
At the podium: Jeremy Lin.
Reporter:  “Can you believe this is happening to you?”
Lin:  “No.  But I believe in an all-knowing, all powerful God who does miracles.”

He’s not Tebow.  He’s not showy with his faith.  Don’t get it twisted though. He’s not ashamed of it either.  He loves the Lord and he’s clear about it a sincerity-that-grows-on-you way.

He is the reason for the resurgence of the Knicks.  But he does not embrace stardom.  He compliments his teammates.  Not a perfunctory mention.  Genuine expressions of appreciation. 

He sprints upcourt, usually before the entire team.  He shoos away the pick and roll.  Sees the opening. Takes a straight up three with 0.5 seconds  on the clock.  Swish!  The fruit of unabashed confidence in the excellence of your game.

Yet, he exudes humility.  There is no conceit in him.  He is not impressed with himself.  When asked about how good he is, he presents a list of all the things he did wrong.  " it's not because of me", he says, " but because we're playing together as a team."

Humility, not hubris.  Faith with works.  "We" not "me".  He is the anti-evangelist.  He does not regard equality with superstars as something to be grasped, but empties himself and as a result he is exalted.

For all the doubters out there, yeah, this is basketball.  But if you think this is just basketball you don't get it.  God is working a plan here.  The day of unbridled hubris is fading…  And none to soon.  The whole world is weary of it. Thank you Jeremy Lin.

And it’s only been a week….